Saline versus Silicone Breast Implants

black braIf you are considering getting breast implants from Dr. Hanna, one of the leading board certified plastic surgeons in NC, you are probably wondering what the difference between saline and silicone filled implants are. Read this blog to learn more!

Saline and silicone breast implants both have a silicone shell but they differ in material and consistency.

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water and are inserted into your body empty. Once they are properly positioned, Dr. Hanna will then fill them. They are usually less expensive and can be adjusted to your desired size. This offers a wide range of options for implant diameter and size. Saline breast implants also can sometimes leave shorter scars than silicone ones. Also, if they rupture, you will know right away and the saline solution will be absorbed by your body, usually a harmless process. However, some people believe that saline implants do not feel as natural as silicone ones. Saline implants are recommended for women 18 and older.
Silicone breast implants come pre-filled with silicone gel. Because of this material, silicone breasts feel and look more natural. They also have less of a chance of wrinkling or rippling which make them a great choice for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Silicone is also lighter than saline and as a result; there is a lower risk of sagging or drooping breasts from gravity. One thing to note is that silicone breast implants can break and unlike a saline implant, silicone implants can have a “silent rupture”. Because of this, you may have to get regular MRIs to ensure the implants are in good condition.

Both implants have their advantages and disadvantages so it really is a personal preference. If you have smaller breasts that you want to enhance, you may want to go with silicone so it looks more natural. However, saline is less maintenance in the sense that if it does rupture, you will know immediately.

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Gynecomastia Surgery

athletic manGynecomastia is a condition that causes male breasts to be over-developed or sag due to enlarged mammary glands. The cause of it can be anything from hormonal changes, heredity, obesity, or the side effects of certain drugs. It can cause a lot of emotional discomfort and anxiety because those who suffer feel embarrassed by their appearance.

However, with the surgical procedure called reduction mammoplasty, men with gynecomastia can get the confidence they’ve always wanted. An experienced plastic surgeon can remove the excess breast tissue and tighten the skin. It is a typically easy procedure but like any other surgery, it can have its risks. The results of a gynecomastia surgery are usually permanent however, if gynecomastia resulted from the effects of certain medications, drugs, or significant weight gain, the person must make a lifestyle change. This can be anything from changing your diet, an exercise plan, or getting rid of the medications that brought on gynecomastia.

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The Mommy Makeover

pregnant womanPregnancy is a beautiful thing where a new beautiful soul is brought into the world. However, many women experience dissatisfaction because their bodies transformed in the process of carrying and birthing their child. A mommy makeover is a great way to help woman get back their pre-pregnancy body. But what is it?


Your breasts experience a lot of physical change because they become enlarged during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, after the pregnancy, the breasts tend to lack the elasticity they use to have and typically do not shrink back to their original size. This results in a saggy breast shape which causes a lot of women discomfort. With a Mommy Makeover, Dr. Hanna will revitalize the look of your breasts and give you a more supple and perky look.


The skin on your abdomen stretches to accommodate the size of your child which results in stretch marks. There is also sometimes residual extra excess skin that no matter how much you work out, it will not shrink back. A liposuction can remove this extra fat and also create some contour in your stomach area.

Back, Legs, Butt

Since it’s a full body makeover, the Mommy Makeover can also include legs, thighs, back, and butt. Women can choose to have their torso corrected, flanks shaped evenly, and volume to their butt.

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