The Surgical Procedures You Should Get Before the Holidays

girl with presentIt’s the holiday season which means a lot of parties, reunions, and other social interactions. Since you’ll be seeing a lot of people, you will want to make sure you look your best! Read on to learn which procedures you should get before the holidays:


A liposuction procedure works to break up fat and remove it from problem areas. The usual areas that this procedure is done on are the neck, chin, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, and calves.

Tummy Tuck

This procedure focuses on your abdomen by improving the appearance and removing excess skin and fat. The muscles in this area are pulled tighter and stitched to pull the internal organs in.

Nose Job

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, can reshape your nose to your desired size, length, etc. A nose job can be a cosmetic surgery but it can also help people who have difficulty breathing.

Breast Implants

This is probably the most common procedure that is performed. You can enhance the size, shape, and fullness of your breasts. There is a choice between saline and silicone breast implants. If you need help figuring out the best one for you and your needs, please consult with Dr. Hanna.


Botox is a great way to freshen up your face and makes it more youthful and refreshed looking. It is also a quick process and does not require any downtime.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers will plump wrinkles, smooth any scars, lift tissue, and restore volume to areas near your eyes or cheeks.


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