Why People in Their 20’s and 30’s Benefit from Botox Cont.


In our last blog, we discussed the pros to younger people using our treatment for Botox in Cary, NC. For more reasons, please read on!

Stressful Lifestyles

In these modern times, people are not only constantly exposed to computer or phone screens, there is also a rise in stressed and high-paced lifestyles in their work environment. Working late nights or waking up early to get to your job usually means you are not getting the recommended amount of sleep, which results in unhealthy skin. Millennials, or the younger generation, also deal with high stress from trying to secure jobs and become more stable after college.

Save Money in the Long Run

With preventative measures, you can actually save money because instead of paying for expensive fixes later in life, you can instead invest a smaller amount of time and money now. Starting earlier means lower doses of Botox and visits to the doctor’s office are needed. It can also help stop lines from forming before they require a more aggressive and costly treatment like fillers, lasers, peels, or even surgery.


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Why People in Their 20’s and 30’s Benefit from Botox


Botox might seem like a cosmetic procedure only older people should or can get but younger people can benefit from our procedure for Botox in Cary, NC, too!

Preventative Measure

As we get older, we begin to lose collage in our skin and as a result, our skin begins to weaken, sag, and wrinkle. Collagen begins to disappear and stop being produced around age 20 and although we can’t see it, our skin starts to lose its elasticity.

Improve Your Mood

There are some studies indicating that Botox injections might help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.  There can be a lot of pressure for people to feel beautiful and have flawless features. Someone who is insecure about their facial features and experiences stress from social anxiety would greatly benefit from cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, to fix the things they do not like.

Rise in Modern Technology

With the rise of modern technology, most people have some form of a smartphone, television, tablet, and laptop or are exposed to these things regularly. The artificial light from these devices can accelerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles in your skin. With a treatment of Botox in Cary, NC from Dr. Hanna, he can help ease those premature lines.