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How Soon After Giving Birth Can You Have Plastic Surgery?

Pregnancy comes with many different external and internal changes for a woman’s body. Some women can “bounce back” after having a baby, but others may not be so lucky. If you are considering plastic surgery to revert the unwanted changes that happened to your body, you should wait at least six months to a year after birth. The procedure you want also determines the overall waiting period.


After giving birth, your breasts are going through a variety of changes, which will not stop until you decide to quit breastfeeding. Surgery on this area is not advised until at least three to six months after breastfeeding, or three to six months after delivery if you are not breastfeeding.


Your midsection will be going through many changes within the first year after birth, so surgery is not recommended until at least a year after delivery. You want to ensure your body goes through its changes in the abdominal wall and the skin around the area before going under the knife, as premature surgery could affect what your body does naturally.

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The fluctuating hormones during pregnancy can affect your fat loss and gain. It can take up to one year for your hormones to normalize after giving birth. Liposuction can be done before the one year mark, but give yourself time to work the excess off. It is best to choose surgery as a last resort, not your first solution to the problem.

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