How to Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results

girlPlastic surgery is an investment of not only time but also of a lifestyle change. Most patients have a high patient satisfaction rate, even years after the surgery. However, while you cannot fully prevent the effects of aging or genetics, making healthier lifestyle choices can really benefit you.

Eat Healthy

A well balanced diet is always a good practice, no matter if you had a surgery procedure done or not, because what you put inside your body reflects how it’ll look on the outside. If you received a body contouring type surgery, the results will transform your curves and provide a pleasing look. However, if you eat unhealthy and gain weight, your results from the surgery will quickly fade.

Exercise Regularly

If you implement a regular exercise schedule and couple that with a healthy diet, you will not only feel great but also look it! After your body is fully recovered from your surgery, you should maintain a consistent exercise plan. A plastic surgery can give you the results you want but it is also easy to lose those results if you gain weight.

Proper Skincare Routine

Sticking to a skincare routine will not only give you better skin in the long run, it will also help your surgery results last. Scarring is a common aftereffect of a surgery procedure but with constant care, you can help heal and fade any potential scars. Keep your scars protected from the sun, keep the area clean and sanitary, and use scar creams and ointments. For the best results, ask Dr. Hanna for a recommended skin care product. The best thing you can do is to follow the aftercare instructions Dr. Hanna tells you to follow!

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