Portrait of a surgeon wearing a medical mask and hat

Nerve Damage after Plastic Surgery

Any incision made in the skin causes nerve damage, which explains why the sensation on a scar is much less than the area right outside of it. Though this nerve injury is minor, more severe nerve damage can be caused by plastic surgery.

Nerve damage is any plastic surgeon’s nightmare and has the potential to occur even after exceeding the highest standard of care for their patient. While most nerve injuries are temporary, there is always that fear that permanent nerve damage has been caused.

How is Nerve Damaged Caused?

Nerve damage can occur with any procedure, from Botox to facial plastic surgery in Raleigh, NC. Though our team at Cary Plastic Surgery practices utmost care for our patients, it is essential to understand all of the risks before going under the knife.

Injury primarily occurs if the nerves are stretched, cut, or cauterized during the procedure. It can result in anything from numbness and tingling to weakness or paralysis in the affected muscles. Most nerve damage will recover within six months to a year after the surgery but can take even longer depending on the severity.

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