Preparing For Your Consultation at Our Office of Cosmetic Surgery in North Carolina

girlDeciding to get a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a huge decision but also a very exciting one! However, before you actually receive the procedure, the most important part of the process is the initial consultation. You want to feel comfortable and be certain you’re making the right choice for what you want done and how you expect to look after. Here are some tips to make your first consultation go easier:

Research: At Cary Plastic Surgery, Dr. Donald P. Hanna makes sure to provide all the resources and information about your procedure so you will not need to research too deeply. However, sometimes proper research can help ease many fears you might be having. Some things you might want to research are as follow:

  • How the people who got the procedure done look after
  • How they felt after getting it
  • The recovery time
  • What to expect from the procedure

Write Down Questions and Concerns:  The consultation is the time when you can be completely honest with what you want done, why you want it done, what you expect, why you’re doing it, etc. If you have a lot of important questions or concerns, it is a good idea to write them down so you can remember to ask.

Bring All Important Documents: Before going to your consultation, it is a good idea to organize all your medical records. You should also bring any medical problems that run in your family, a list of medications you may take, any health concerns you may have, etc.


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