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The Reality of Bad Plastic Surgery

Black and white portrait of a blonde modelEveryone has their perception of what bad plastic surgery looks like, whether it is through a celebrity’s botched photo in the tabloids or horror stories we hear about on the internet. Unfortunately, plastic surgery nightmares do happen, and things can go horribly wrong.

However, beauty can be subjective, and outside of the real horror stories are people who are merely trying to feel better about themselves. Not all who look at it may like one person’s nose job, but does that make it truly bad plastic surgery if they are happy with the outcome?

Differentiating Between Subjective and Truly Bad Plastic Surgery

While someone may view someone else’s over-tightened face-lift as strange, that person may feel years younger. Many ethical surgeons will turn away patients asking for a procedure that may not be in their best interest. So long as the surgery was completed safely and healed well, to each their own.

Unfortunately, some surgeons will comply with a patient’s request, no matter how unrealistic it may be. Though the death rate for plastic surgery is low compared to surgery overall, it unfortunately still occurs.

Many common complications, such as infection, blood clots, and abscesses can be treated. However, when the surgery goes drastically wrong, permanent pain, disfigurement, and paralysis are all possible outcomes.

Do not become another bad surgery statistic and contact our plastic surgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Hanna at Cary Plastic Surgery will meet with you to review your goals and health record to ensure the procedure you desire is the best option for you.