Testimonials for Our North Carolina Plastic Surgery Practice

Throughout the years, the staff at Cary Plastic Surgery, our North Carolina Plastic Surgery practice, has had the pleasure of working with countless clients for a number of procedures. Dr. Hanna, our board-certified plastic surgeon, is available to transform your face and body to meet your goals.

Capsular Contracture…NO MORE! Cary, NC
19 Jun 2015

Dr. Donald P. Hanna was highly recommended to me by my OB/GYN in 2007, but I did not listen and it cost me (not only financially but mentally too). I had already consulted with a plastic surgeon at Duke and summer was approaching quickly. I wanted my surgery done before bikini season, so I did not seek a second opinion. I went along with all the recommendations from the first plastic surgeon I consulted with and it was a MISTAKE! Not knowing a lot about breast augmentation, except for looking at pics online, I chose exactly what the surgeon recommended and went with sub-mammary silicone gel implants. 6 months after my surgery, my breasts began to harden and appear circular and fixed to my chest. I was so sad and disappointed. I followed-up with the plastic surgeon at Duke and he informed me that all was well and normal with my “breast appearance”. He was not concerned about how the implants felt. I suffered with those implants for 3 years before seeking Dr. Hanna’s opinion. The final decision to call and schedule a consult with Dr. Hanna was after I was told by a friend that my breasts were hard during our hug good-bye. That comment hurt my feelings tremendously and with 2 small children wanting hugs daily I feared they would one day say the same thing to me. I was seen by Dr. Hanna within a week and my surgery was scheduled within 2 weeks. Dr. Hanna spent one-on-one time with me answering all my questions and addressing concerns. All options were discussed in regards to change of implant placement (sub-mammary vs. sub-muscular) and type of implant (saline vs. silicone). I am so happy to report that I now have soft breasts and they have a very natural appearance. I chose to have saline implants placed sub-muscular. I am not afraid to hug anyone now and I am so pleased with how well my outcome has been compared to my first experience with plastic surgery.

– A.W.

Tummy Tuck After Losing 100+ Pounds…well Worth It! – Cary, NC
29 Oct 2014

After losing 100+pounds through diet and exercise, understandably I was left with excess skin and some fat on my stomach. When my personal trainer said we couldn’t work off what was left, I headed out to find a plastic surgeon. Saw 3 docs and settled on the one I used. He was/is fabulous!! I had a long vertical existing scar on my stomach from a previous surgery decades ago and over time it widened and gotten ugly. He said he would revise that scar too, and repair my umbilical hernia. By revising the scar he could also pull the sides tighter and that would be a WIN for flattening my stomach as well.

Scheduled the surgery for late Nov then moved it up…I could not wait!! Was never nervous, anxious or anything. I was ready. Morning of surgery I showed up at the doctor’s office for him to draw his surgical “road map” on me. Standing there completely naked and having him study all my “parts” for surgery was a tad uncomfortable but he had done my breast life a few months earlier and there wasn’t anything I had that morning he hadn’t seen before. I asked if he had a good nights sleep and told him to take this time today during surgery. 🙂 Apparently things shift when you cut off a lot of skin like that and he had to relocate things like hairlines and improve my mons, etc. I hadn’t even consider that stuff. After being drawn on we went to the surgical center. He and I chatted with me on the operating room table until the anesthetic kicked in. Surgery was estimated to be 3-4 hours but it ended up being 6 plus recovery, and I have one drain. I am one week one day post surgery and still cannot stand up straight but I’m definitely better AND I have this wonderfully flat stomach!!!!!

Here is how I prepared for surgery:

  1. Went on 3 surgical consultations. I loved my doc from the first appt (which was for the breast life and tummy tuck surgeries). He took hours with me and talked to me just like we’d been friends for years – no airs, no pretention, drew me pictures and explained everything in a way I totally understood. Loved him from the start. One doctor didn’t even see me for the consult, he sent in a nurse and even she didn’t look at me undressed. I knew right then and there he would never be my doctor no matter what. Third guy was well rated (not as good as my doc though), and spent a lot of time with me. I probably would have gone with him if I hadn’t met Dr. H. He was the last doctor I consulted with.
  2. I hired a CNA to take care of me the first few days. This was a very wise decision. Asking family to help all the time gets old for everyone quickly. That being said my daughter insisted she be the one to pick me up from surgery and tend to me that first day. Then the CNA took over.
  3. I set up a “recovery center” in the bonus room. I would spend my time in the recliner/rocker (which is soooo comfortable), so i placed lots of pillows and blankets in it so it was ready to go.
  4. Laid out several days of nightgowns/PJs/house dresses to wear and two outfits for doctor visits.
  5. Placed an end table next to the chair with comfort items like books/tv remote/ phone and IPAD chargers, etc. kept my RX there and drain items.

Let me just say that getting to goal weight wise and really working my core before surgery has made this easier to tolerate, but its still incapacitating. But then I had the Fleur de Lis pattern which is not one but two incisions. My doctor and his staff have been nothing short of wonderful and I am not easy to please. I love my doctor and he never makes me feel like I am imposing or that I am one of many to him. I had a breast lift a couple of months ago (by him) and next year I’ll consider doing my arms and/or thighs.

In closing, for those of you struggling with a decision to do this. i would say talk to your closest friends, family and doctor about your concerns, but in the end do what YOU want to do. No one else is in your skin. For me, I had no question i was getting it done, and all my family was supportive (though that could be because they knew it wouldn’t matter to me since I had made my mind up.)
This site was very helpful to me and my contribution here is my way of saying thanks to everyone else brave enough to share their details.
I will try and post a picture later today.

36 Yearly Old Man That Got Chin Implant by Dr. Hanna in Cary NC – Cary, NC
20 Oct 2013

I went to see other surgeons. Others did not take the time to explain the procedure, the implant used, or the risks. Doctor Hanna explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. His staff is great and also added to the experience. I am so glad I met with Dr. Hanna. The end result has changed my life and self-esteem.

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