The Different Face Wrinkles Botox Can Smooth Out

Blond middle-aged womanAging is inevitable, but fortunately, there are things we can do to help reduce the effects. Many women are self-conscious about the wrinkles and fine lines that form in their face, and will often turn to Botox in Cary, NC, for temporary fixes. Below are the different types of face wrinkles this treatment can help reduce.

Glabellar lines: As one of the most common uses of Botox injections, treating the glabellar lines will reduce the effect of aging in the patch of skin between the eyebrows and above the nose.

Crow’s feet: Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that branch out from the outer corners of the eyes. Though Botox can be used to minimize these lines, they are often more resistant to treatment due to their static nature.

Forehead wrinkles: When you raise your eyebrows, it causes the muscle in your forehead to crease and create wrinkles. Many women will opt for Botox to help reduce these lines from appearing.

Bunny lines: These are fine lines that appear on the bridge of the nose. Many people who treat their glabellar lines will also inject Botox for these wrinkles as well.

Lipstick lines: Lipstick lines are vertical wrinkles that appear above the upper lip. These wrinkles are caused by a variety of things, such as photoaging, puckering, and smoking.

Marionette lines: These are wrinkles that form from the corner of your mouth and down to your chin, similar to the jaw segment of a puppet. These lines are treated with Botox and dermal fillers depending on their severity.