What to Expect From a Thigh Lift


With the springtime approaching, it’s time to start thinking about cute warm weather outfits like rompers, shorts, and skirts! However, nothing can put a damper on the nice weather than feeling uncomfortable in shorter clothing. At Cary Plastic Surgery, the leading office for plastic surgery in North Carolina, Dr. Hanna offers high quality thigh lifts that will get you the results you want. If you are interested in a thigh lift, please read on to learn what to expect from this cosmetic procedure!

The thigh lift procedure focuses on your lower body area such as your thighs, butt, and hips. Dr. Hanna, a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon in NC, will work to tighten any loose or sagging skin in your problem areas to give you a more youthful look. The procedure can also consist of liposuction to remove any isolated pockets of fat and small incisions can lift or reshape the tissue.

During the recovery period, you can expect to experience some moderate swelling for several months. The results will be visible several weeks after the surgery and are long lasting if you do not gain a significant amount of weight. With any cosmetic surgery, it is important you rest the suggested amount of time. At Cary Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hanna will be sure to explain all the necessary information you need during your first consultation and post-surgery.

To schedule your thigh lift at our office of plastic surgery in North Carolina, please give us a call today at (919) 233-1933 or (984) 221-0403.